Easy Steps for A Successful Betta Fish Spawning


Many people are crazy about betta fish since it has an appealing color that could attract people’s eyes. ...

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Complete Guide for Catfish Farming You Should Try

Catfish farming is getting popular day by day around the globe. ...

Here Are The Tips on How to Care Arowana Fish in Aquarium


Who does not know Arowana fish? This fish has played a big part in Chinese culture and is believed could bring luck and prosperity to the keeper...

Techniques for Farming Eel Fish in the Tank


Eel farming is a profitable business. That is why this freshwater fish is chosen by many farmers around the world to be farmed ...

Arwana Taxonomy


Arwana fish is a freshwater fish belonging to the family Osteoglossidae....

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gallery/betta fish2

Here Are Some Simple Ways to Spawn Guppy Fish


Guppy originally comes from Northeast South America, but it is now found all over the world except Antarctica....

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Seven Ways to Do the Maintenance of Discus Fish in the Aquarium


Seeing the school of colorful and healthy discus fish and its mates swim around in the aquarium is such a healing activity. 


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Five Steps to Spawn Discus Fish


Having discus fish spawned is quite challenging. It will be more challenging for the newbie tropical fish aquarist. It takes time and patience to succeed.

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Maintaining Oscar Fish in the Aquarium


Oscar Fish (Astronotus Ocellatus), a tropical South America origin, is quite popular in many areas such as in Australia, China, and United States.














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How to Choose a Good Quality of Koi Fish


Sometimes, purchasing koi fish to place in your pond can be difficult, especially when you haven’t decided which best type to take home.