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5 Types of Arowana Fish

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Asian Arowana is one of the 5 types of fish that is quite high-priced. Find out 4 other types of Arowana fish here.


Arowana fish is a freshwater fish that many fish hobbyists love to care. This fish initially comes from the family of Osteoglossidae and is well-known as the dragon fish. This fish is also known as the mouthbrooder. The characteristics of this living creature are its body is slender and covered with large scales. It may also consist of many beautiful colors. If you are interested in caring this fish, find out the other 5 types of Arowana fish.

  1. African Arowana

African Arowana is one of the Arowana fish that you can pet. You can spot it around the regions in Africa such as Senegal, Gambia, and Eastern Africa. This fish has the long shape of the body with big scales. The colors of this fish may vary. You can even see the mixture of bronze, brown, and gray colors in its body.


  1. Australian Arowana

Australian arowana is another type of Arowana fish that the habitats you may find in Australia and New Guinea. This freshwater bony fish looks alike to Asian Arowana. The colors of its body may vary. It depends on the types of the Australian Arowanas. The types of this animal include Australian Pearl, Australian red, and Australian spotted Arowanas. Each type has its own unique and beautiful colors.

  1. Asian Arowana

One of the favorite Arowana fish is Asian Arowana. This scientific name of Asian fish is Scleropages formosus. Southeast Asia is a place of origin of this fish. Asian Arowanas are considered as the most expensive Arowana fish amongst the other types of Arowanas in the world. The price can reach $ 300,000. This fish can quickly adapt to the fresh water. In contrast, it is incapable to live in the sea.



  1. Black Arowanas

Black Arowana comes from South American. This scientific name for this Arowana fish is Osteoglossum ferreirai. Many aquarists pet this freshwater living creature in a large tank. This fish has a long and slender shape of the body and often jumps out of the water to catch its food.



  1. Silver Arowanas

Another favorite type Arowana that many aquarists like to keep in a tank is silver arowana. This Arowana fish initially comes from South America, especially in Amazon, Oyapock, and Essequibo regions. This living creature has big silver scales and slender body.


Among five types of Arowana fish above, you can choose one or all types to pet. They are worth fish to breed.


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