5 Types of Fish Bait

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Spoon is one of the popular types of fish bait that many anglers use. Find out other 5 fish bait, here.

There are many types of fish bait for fishing. The purpose is you can choose the right bait to lure and catch your target fish. Here are 5 types of fish bait you need to know.

  1. Spoon

Spoon is one of the types of the fish bait made from the metal and has the curve. It has the various sizes and colors. Spoons are quite flexible for all kinds of fish. The way the spoon works is by moving in the water with the shaky movement. Each shape of the spoon has the distinctive features that fit the situation in the fishing activity. The spoon will pretend as the impaired baitfish where it will attract the target fish. Some spoons are used by throwing it out. On the other hand, some others are used by jigging or trolling it out.

  1. Plug

Another type of fish bait is plug. Plug is made from the wood or the plastic that look alike the frogs or the bait fish. You can spot some hooks in the different sides of the body of the plug. The use of those hooks is to enable to lure the target fish in most of the depth of the river or lake. Some plugs are used by floating it, while some others used by diving it or both. Plugs have many sizes and kinds such as popper, jerk baits, crankbait, surface plug, and diving plug.

  1. Jig

The jig is another type of the fish bait that is quite popular among the anglers. The jig is considered cheap and is able to target all types of the fish. The ways how jig works are by throwing it down to the bottom. The jig has many different sizes and colors, and it is made from metal. You can ‘dress up’ the jig by putting it on the feathers, hair, or other baits.

  1. Spinner

Spinner is a great choice for the anglers. The newbie anglers can use it easily. There are many various kinds of spinners that are available in the market. This spinner is made from the metal blades. The ways spinner works are by casting it out or retrieving it. The spinner will produce the sound and the vibration that can attract the fish to take it.

  1. Fly

Fly is kind of the traditional type of fish bait. It is usually used with the fishing tools. You just need to add the bubble float. Fly is considered as the light bait which can mimic the natural prey such as the bait fish, frog, hoppers, and insects. Fly is made from the feathers or furs, and some other patterns are made from the rubber and foam. There are 2 types of flies: the dry flies and wet flies. The dry flies are used in the water surface, while the wet flies are used to target the fish under the water surface.

You can try all these types of fish bait and find out the result on your target fish.


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