6 Best Fishing Places in the World

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Amazon, Basin, Brazil is one of the best fishing places in the world. Find out the reason and the other best places, here.


Visiting many best fishing places in the world must be a dream for all the anglers. What are the best-recommended fishing places in the world? Let’s find out 6 best fishing places in the world.



Saint Lucia


Eastern Caribbean island nation, Saint Lucia serves you with the most popular big-game fish in the Caribbean. Saint Lucia usually hold the famous annual tournament such as Barbuda Marlin Class and Lucia International Billfish Tournament and the Antigua. If you are the newbie in fishing, you still can enjoy catching sailfish and marlin. You can have your quality-fishing time by renting the private yacht.


Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Canada is one of the best fishing places in the world. This place is famous for the big bluefin tuna with the weight more than 1,000 pounds. The spots for fishing are usually close to the land/port with about less than one mile away. You can rent a boat which is equipped with the chairs. If you decide to take the boat with you, you are only allowed to bring two fish.



The Bahamas


Another best fishing place in the world is the Bahamas. The Bahamas are an unbeatable place for the big fish such as tuna, mahi-mahi, sailfish, and marlin. The Bahamas often become the place to hold the offshore sportfishing (big-game fishing). Many anglers know this place and join the big-game fishing. You should visit this place and enjoy the quality of fishing.


Umba River, Kola Peninsula, Russia


Umba River, Kola Peninsula, Russia, is a home for salmon. You can visit the Umba River during the salmon season. Salmon season is around May until October. The type of fishing in Umba River is the type of catch and release. You are not allowed to take the salmon with you.



Amazon Basin, Brasil


Challenge yourself by fishing the carnivore-by-nature piranhas in the popular fishing places, Amazon Basin, Brasil. You can feel the adrenaline pumping up when you are able to catch the piranhas. You can visit Amazon, Basin from July to October, where the piranhas are quite aggressive and starving during the dry season.



Key West, Florida


Don’t miss Key West, Florida if you are a true angler. Key West is another well-known best fishing place in the world which serves the level of middle world-class fishing spots. You can rent the private charter boat, which is equipped with the high-quality fishing equipment. You can put the lures and challenge yourself to catch the varieties of fish such as barracuda, sailfish, marlin, tuna, and wahoo.


Experience the joy of the live fishing in those best fishing places in the world and feel the thrill in such a different way.


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