Two Important Aspects in Maintaining Arowana Fish in the Aquarium

With an expensive price, Arowana fish is able to attract the attention of many people. Not only attracts attention, Arowana fish is able to make the ornamental fish keepers willing to reach deeper into their pockets. His long and slim body makes him look elegant when dancing in an aquarium. Make those who look as if forgetting the burdens that exist.


Because of its high selling value, this beautiful fish is the target of fish collectors to be cultivated. Unfortunately not all people managed to care for arowana fish so often they failed and the arowana fish that were raised died. There are a number of things that must be known to maintain arowana fish in the aquarium to maintain their lifetimes and make profits again.


Well, here are tips and tricks that you can apply and take it home to your favorite arowana fish at home. See the explanation below.



1. Aquarium

There are several aspects of the aquarium for arowana fish that you should pay attention to, namely:

· Aquarium Size

Arowana fish have different sizes. Therefore the size of the aquarium for Arowana fish must also adjust its body shape, the size of the Arowana fish aquarium at least three times the length of the fish body. Namely from the lips to the rear fins. Aquarium width 1.5 times the length of the fish.


· Aquarium water

Arowana fish are freshwater fish. Make sure the aquarium water is clean because it will contain an oxygen solution that makes the fish comfortable swimming in the aquarium. Healthy water is clear and does not smell.



· Aquarium decoration

Add an aesthetic and functional decoration, making sure the arowana fish in it can swim freely. Avoid sharp decoration. Give decorations such as forts, trees, or houses.


· Close the Aquarium

Arowana fish are classified as active and agile fish so they have the potential to jump out. Therefore, it is important to cover the top of the aquarium. Make sure there is a gap for the oxygen inlet.


· Placement of the Aquarium

Place the aquarium in a place that is not too crowded with people passing by, because Arowana fish need a calm and safe atmosphere from interference. Fish will adjust to their environment for approximately one week.


· Cleanliness of the Aquarium

Clean the dirt on the aquarium every day, do it slowly so as not to disturb the active arowana fish. Cleaning dirt can be done with vacuum or nets.


· Replacing Aquarium Water

Make sure to replace water regularly. Water that is rarely replaced contains sediments and organic deposits of debris and arowana fish food. Change water gradually, replace 20%, then 50%.


2. Arowana fish

In addition to paying attention to arowana fish dwellings, you also need to pay attention to arowana fish that are your choice to inhabit the aquarium.


· Behavior of Arowana Fish

Make sure the Arowana fish is healthy and active. Test by giving food.


· Inserting the Fish into the Aquarium

To avoid fish shock, put aquarium water little by little.


· Arowana Fish Feed

Feed regularly. First, once a day, then twice a day.

Make sure you take good care of arowana and aquarium fish and avoid regretting later.