Balashark Fish Cultivation




Balashark fish (Balantheocheilus melanopterus) are fish originating from Sumatra, Indonesia and Thailand.



Balashark fish are omnivorous species. Water quality for fish maintenance, temperature 26-28 degrees centigrade, neutral pH 7, and hardness of 80 dH.



The body length of this fish reaches a size of 40 cm. However, these fish are very popular as ornamental fish when measuring 7-10 cm.



The body color is silver with a rather flat elongated shape. the color on the back is rather brown and at the end of the tail is dark brown.



Procurement of these fish seeds generally still depends on fishing in nature, but now Balashark fish can be made artificially by injecting hormones.



the difference between male and female fish when the fish is still small is very difficult to distinguish but after adults these fish can be distinguished by looking at their body size, ie the body of female fish is fatter than the body of a thinner male fish.



The hormone dose injected for female fish is 0.5 ml / kg and for male fish 0.2 ml / kg weight of fish. injection in female fish is done twice, first 0.2 ml / kg and second 0.3 ml / kg. The first injection was carried out around 2:00 a.m. and for the second injection around 9:00 a.m. striping on fish is done around 7:00 in the morning the next day.



The fertilized fish egg is hatched in a tub or aquarium. fish eggs will hatch in 2 days. after 3 days the larva will start swimming.



The newly hatched larvae are fed with artemia or filter water lice. and if the larvae are 5-6 days old, the larvae can be given silk worms.