3 Betta Fish Care Techniques To Produce Good Color Quality



Betta is one type of ornamental fish that is very popular with animal lovers. The characteristic of this fish is its small body posture with colorful body patterns. Although the cultivation is straightforward easy, to produce betta fish with beautiful colors and quality, special techniques and treatments are still needed, including:


      1. Water Quality

Water quality will greatly affect the color and pattern of betta fish. Make sure the aquarium water or pool used is always clean, clear, and the routine is replaced. Pond water that is cloudy and dirty will make betta fish become dull. If you don't want to bother changing water continuously, use an aquarium filter so that the water quality is maintained.


      2. Feed

In order to keep betta fish bright and beautiful in color, give them high nutritious feed and contain lots of proteins, such as silk worms, mosquito larvae, water lice, artemia shrimp, or egg yolks.

This type of feed is known to be useful for brightening the colors and patterns of betta fish, and making the fish body slimmer (not distended). However, make sure the feed is still fresh / alive so as not to disturb the health of the hickey itself.


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       3. Teak leaves

Just like "ketapang"  leaves, teak leaves are also very useful to keep the color of the betta fish bright. The execution is also quite easy. Simply prepare a container of clean water, then add dried teak leaves that have been added with a little salt. If possible, use fish salt.


Place it in a dark place, and put the betta fish in it. O yes, temporarily separate the betta fish from the others. Leave for 2-3 days. Don't forget to give enough food. After the "quarantine" process is complete, move the fish to clean fresh water. Dry in the sun for about 10-15 minutes, and see the results.



That's the Betta fish care technique to produce good color quality. If the above method is applied correctly, your betta fish performance will also be more optimal when fighting, you know. Good luck!