Black Ghost Fish Farming


Black Ghost Fish (Apteronotus albifrons) are from the South American region and these fish are Carnivora.


Aquatic habitats for the life of these fish are temperatures of 25-28 oC, pH 6.5-7.0, and hardness of 6-100 dH.


This fish has a body shape like a leaf or knife in plain black.


these fish swim or vibrate or slide, Black Ghost fish like to be in a dark place and the dim light of this fish will hide if there is a hole, especially during the day. an aquarium where maintenance needs to be provided is a hiding place in the form of tree roots or paralon pieces.



the sex between male and female is difficult to distinguish, this difference is distinguished from the back line in male fish a little short than female fish. The tail fin in the female fish is narrower than the tail fin in the male fish.



This fish spawning is carried out in pairs or mass. Mass spawning is carried out by comparison of male and female 1: 2.



spawning sites are carried out on cement ponds with a size of 1.5 m x 2 m, and spawning in aquariums is used for aquariums measuring 100 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm which can accommodate a parent of around 5-8 tails.



nests that are used as spawning sites usually use sheets of ferns (for orchids) which are stacked or arranged in two. fern stems as fish nests need to be tied or crushed to the rock so as not to move and sink in water.



eggs from these spawning products will be placed on the holes of the fern leaf sheet by spraying.



this fish spawning will take place at night, the nest in the morning will be filled with eggs that can be taken to be hatched in the aquarium which has been given a soft aerator.



the light hatchery needs to be a little dark because the larvae are not resistant to light. The eggs will hatch within 2- 3 days, after hatching the larvae are still attached to the nest. after three days the larvae will start swimming and the larvae can be fed in the form of filtered water lice. In this enlargement activity larvae are nourished and fed with silk worms, mosquito larvae and blood worms. if the seeds have reached a size of 5 cm, the seeds can be sold to the market.






Black ghost knifefish picture

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