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Easy Fish Nuggets at Home (and Tips to Choose the Fish)


Description: fish nuggets are easy and delicious meals. Here is how to make easy nuggets at home.


Bored with grilled or seared fish? Try turning it into fish nuggets. They are easy to eat, fun, practical, and can be used as snacks or additional ingredients in meals. Sure, there may be calorie intake to think about, but occasionally enjoying fried snacks is fine. You can also eat them with vegetable sides as a quick, nutritious meal.


Steps to Make Easy Fish Nuggets

Nuggets consist of two basic parts: the batter and the fish. The batter should be slightly crispy and not flaky. The fish should be soft and still flaky, but not overcooked or undercooked. People have different batter recipes to coat their fish, but this simple recipe only uses breadcrumbs and pancake mix.


Here are the steps:


  1. Prepare 3 pounds of fish fillets, cooking oil, 1 cup of basic pancake mix, 1 cup of seasoned breadcrumbs, one egg, ¼ cup of water, garlic salt, and lemon pepper.
  2. Cut the fish to your preferred bit-sized pieces. Sprinkle or rub them with a dash of lemon pepper and garlic salt.
  3. Pour pancake mix and breadcrumbs into a bag or bowl. Mix them well.
  4. Beat the egg and mix it with the water.
  5. Coat each fish cut with egg and water mixture. Coat it again with the pancake mix and breadcrumb mixture.
  6. Heat the oil. Fry for 7 minutes or until each fish cuts turned golden brown.
  7. Drain the nuggets on several layers of paper towel. Serve with your favorite sauce.


You can also use a Ziploc bag to coat the fish cuts easily with pancake mix and breadcrumbs. Pour the pancake mix and breadcrumbs into the bag, close it, and shake it well. Put each fish in the bag and shake it well to coat it. Shake the excess crumbs before putting each cut on the tray, ready for frying.


What Fish Can You Use?

There are a lot of fish types perfect for nuggets, but it is best if you choose fish that are suitable for deep frying. They have firm flesh that will look “flaky” when you break it after frying. Cod, tilapia, catfish, whitefish, and perch are all suitable for nuggets. Many of them are also cheap, but it depends on fish availability in your local area.


If you live in areas where cod, tilapia, or perch are uncommon, try finding other fish that have similar textures. You may get surprised about how great they taste as fish nuggets. You can also experiment with the flavors and sauce. Fish nuggets are versatile foods that are open to interpretations!


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