Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (EUS)



A. Cause: Aphanomyces invadans



B. Characteristics of Pathogens:

- Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (EUS) and / or Mycotic Granulomatosis (MG) and / or Red-spot disease (RSD) are ulcer diseases caused by infection of fungus A. invadans;

- The fungus spores infect the surface of the fish's body, which will cause ulcers;

- Hosts of this disease include freshwater and brackish fish, namely betutu, cork, fish, carp, catfish and fish;

- Mortality / mortality rates range from 20–80%



C. Clinical Symptoms:

- There is a red spot on the surface of the body;

- Fish appetite will disappear

- fish swim to the surface and hyperactivity,

- fish's body will be dark in color;

- These red spots will develop into bright red or brownish red wounds.



D. Control:

- Neutralize acidity and / or alkalinity of water through calcification of pond water.

- Isolate sick fish and / or throw dead fish.

- Conduct hygienic and sterile preparation of the pool of the fungus spores through drying, liming, disinfection.