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Get to Know Various Kinds of Rasbora Fish!

Meta Description: To help you decide on choosing, simply learn more about various kinds of rasbora fish you can maintain at home.



To spice up your marine museum, placing the gorgeous rasboras inside it is such a brilliant idea. The tropical fishes originating from Sumatra are active, entertaining, as well as engaging. There is no wonder that plenty of people, especially fish lovers, raise them at home. Speaking of varieties, these animals are found to be abundant. For the details, check out this following brief in regard to various kinds of rasbora fish.



Harlequin Rasbora


Harlequin rasbora is characterized by an orange body dotted by a raven, triangular-shaped pattern located next to the fish’s tail. This favored variety prefers living in a space relatively cleaner and crowded with green plants. Instead of remaining alone, this fish feels convenient in a bigger schooling group. The small swimming creature that belongs to the family of Cyprinidae, basically also varies in shade, depending on its surrounding.


Black Line Rasbora


When it comes to description, this fish, the inhabitant of Mekong River, is dominated by black and dark brown color. In the middle of the body’s part, it lies a shining golden, black stripe stretching from the gill to the tail. Females are way bigger than males. It has varied names like brilliant rasbora and red-tail rasbora. Although this species is often discovered in the polluted water, it can stay healthily in a cleaner environment. And you can keep it in a small fish tank.



Dwarf Rasbora


If you love the smaller version of rasbora, dwarf rasbora could be the one perfecting your wish. We guarantee that this cute variety is able to keep your boredom away. Although the size of it is less than one inch, dwarf rasbora is known for its dexterity. It goes with a slim body decorated with silver or orange color as well as multiple beautiful black spots. The keynote is never let this fish populate in a dirty aquarium.




Clown Rasbora



At a glance, clown rasbora is quite similar to harlequin rasbora. It has a pinkish-orange body with a triangular-shaped spot colored in black. To distinguish them, you can immediately the spot size. Clown rasbora’s is smaller than what harlequin has. Since it loves inhabiting calm water, you don’t need to provide a large fish tank. To let it stay healthy, ensure that its habitation is full of plants – its favorite places to hide.



To cut a long story short, it’s found that there are various kinds of rasbora fish you can keep at your home aquarium. Out of the lists, harlequin rasbora is the most attention-grabbing.

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