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Guide to Fish Dumplings and the Simple Recipe


Description: fish dumplings are important parts of various food cultures. Learn how to make your fish dumplings at home.


You may think that fish is a strange ingredient for dumplings, but it is surprisingly common. Fish dumplings appear in various cuisines around the world, and they are as delicious as the meat ones. They are also easy to make, and you can cook them with cheap or small fish.


Various Types of Fish Dumplings

Fish dumplings are popular in several Asian countries. In China, these dumplings are often mixed with chives or pepper. Korean eo-mandu used to be served at the royal palace and homes of the upper class. In Vietnam, fish dumplings are eaten with nuoc cham, which is a dipping sauce made of fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, and water.


Fish dumplings are also popular in European cuisine, especially in Scandinavia. However, instead of being steamed or fried, they are often used in soup or stew. Bergens fiskesuppe (Bergen fish soup), for example, is Norwegian creamy sup with fish dumplings and chopped vegetables as the main ingredients.


Easy Fish Dumpling Recipe

Dumpling is a great dish to use cheap fish since you must process the filing with various spices and other ingredients. There are many recipe variations to try, but simple dumplings are great as snacks or soup contents.


Use this simple recipe to make dumplings with mackerel filling:


  1. Prepare dumpling skin ingredients. You can make it from 2 cups of regular flour, 1 cup of water, and one teaspoon of salt.
  2. Prepare 2 kg of mackerel, 700 grams of chives (chopped), 10 grams of ginger (grated), some coriander (chopped), one tablespoon of sea salt, 500 ml of water, and ¼ cup of sesame oil.
  3. Make the dough first. Mix the flour and salt (sift the flour first). Add 1/3 cup of water at a time until the dough is firm but smooth. Let it sits.
  4. Remove the fishbones and shred or scrape the meat. Add water little by little until it looks like porridge. Add the chopped ingredients and mix them evenly. Add salt and oil at the last time and mix everything.
  5. Make individual dumplings. Pull a piece of dough and flatten it on your hand until it becomes a palm-size pancake. Take a spoonful of fish mixture and place it in the middle. Fold the dough into a moon shape.
  6. Use water to stick the edges of the dumpling together. You can use a fork to create ridges on the edge.
  7. Dip the dumplings in boiled water. Stir occasionally until the dumplings expand and cooked.


Fish dumplings are versatile foods with rich variations. Try experimenting with different fish and spices to get the best flavor.


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