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How to Breed Rasbora Fish




Meta Description: Tips on how to breed rasbora fish from setting a natural-look aquarium to feeding the fries properly are straightforward enough.



Rasbora, a freshwater fish native to Southeast Asia, is highly favored by aquarium fish aficionados. Its movement, shape, and hue are the focal point. Otherwise speaking, a school of rasbora literally lends color to your aquarium.  Is it that easy to produce the offspring? As long as you place the swimming creature in a place akin to its peaty swamp-like habitat, the animal’s reproduction is way simpler.

Here are some handy tips on how to breed rasbora fish you can follow:

Prepare some Supplies and Tools to Create Fish’s Habitat

It’s such an uneasy task when it comes to breeding rasbora fishes in a home aquarium. They require specific water relatively acidic with a moderate temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. Yet, there’s nothing to get worried about as you can follow our recommendation.

First of all, ensure that the needed supplies and tools to build the fish’s habitat as natural as possible are available. Then, start this procedure by providing a medium breeding tank with less lighting and placing the sponge filter (air pump is included).

Set the habitation by adding floating plants to let the aquarium darker, broad-leaved plants, as well as fine-leaved plants. To control the temperature, install a heater stat. If everything is great, put the adult rasbora fishes (male and female) in your aquarium. Feed well the animals and change the water regularly. 

How the Breeding Takes Place

The mating begins when the females spawn on the plants and the males inseminate the eggs. The breeding is uniquely on upside down way. The females usually opt for a specific plant with broad leaves to lay their eggs. During the spawning process, male fishes often twine their bodies with the females.

How to Raise the Juveniles

After the following days (1 to 2 days), the eggs eventually hatch. Before the eggs hatch, be sure to remove the adults and wrap the aquarium’s sides with paper in order to be less light. The fries are able to swim commonly after 4 days.

 To let them develop well, give food to the tiny fish with infusoria (a type of protozoa). How many times to feed them? It should be 4 times a day. When the juveniles are 10 days old, nourish them with both daphnia and brine shrimp.

To be brief, tips on how to breed rasbora fish are actually easy to perform as long as you get familiar with the proper techniques.  

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