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How to Make Sushi Rolls: Simple Recipes to Try at Home


Description: making sushi at home is easy, but you must do it right. Here are some tips and easy recipes to try.


You don’t need to visit a fancy restaurant for sushi. There are various recipes you can try at home with readily available ingredients. Just make sure to cook the rice right and choose the freshest fish, and you are ready to cook.


The Basic: Sushi Rice

Many sushi recipes use rice, and regardless of the recipes, the rice type is the same. You need to prepare rice and sushi rice vinegar to cook it. While the ideal rice recipe requires cooking in a pot, you can use a rice cooker for an easy solution.


Here are the steps to make sushi rice:


Wash the rice

Take 100 g of rice (standard for one roll of sushi) and wash it repeatedly until the excess water becomes clear. Put it in the rice cooker pan and pour 150 ml of cold water.


Cook rice properly

Turn on the rice cooker. When the rice is cooked, wait 10 minutes before opening the lid. Never opens the lid until the time you need to take out the rice.


Mix rice with sushi rice vinegar

Put the rice in a bowl with a wide base. Take sushi rice vinegar (about 5 ml) and add it to the rice. Stir slowly without breaking the rice.

After stirring the rice, let it cool by covering it with a cloth. The rice should have a similar temperature with the normal human body.



Simple Sushi Rolls Recipes

Now that you have the rice, you can try making hosomaki. This is the easiest type of sushi rolls, which consist of rice, nori (seaweed) on the outside, and one ingredient in the middle. You can choose various fillings for this sushi type.


Here are the steps:


Prepare the sushi mat and a bowl of water. Pour a little sushi rice vinegar into this water. This is to coat your hand when working on the rice.

Prepare your favorite ingredients. You can use cucumber, sushi-grade tuna or salmon, and natto (fermented soybean). Cut the cucumbers and fish thinly.

Cut a sheet of nori into half and put it on the edge of the sushi mat. Make sure the shiny surface faces down.

Wet your hands. Spread the rice from edge to edge on the nori. Leave a little space on the top edge.

Put the ingredient in the middle (combine as you like). Roll the sushi swiftly and tighten it with your hands along the way.

Cut it with “pull and push” movement into smaller pieces.


When working with sushi, make sure your knife is sharp and wet. Also, always check the fish freshness, especially if you don’t cook it.


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