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How to Make a Cheap and Easy Koi Fish Pond


Having and caring koi fish could be an enjoyment for some people. But, the fact that their size can grow over three feet might be a bit too much. So, to make them feel comfortable, it is important to provide a pond with the right size.

First, you should know that if you decide to make a koi fish pond, it would remain in your yard as a permanent installation. If the concept has come up in your mind, you can start the execution. Now, read over these steps below to help you.

1. Buy your supplies. Write down the list of all the things you need. Pick a large pool, a filtering system (cartridge or bio filter), an air pump, and protective waterproof paint. For the decoration, you may need to place waterweeds, Java fern, or gravel.

2. Measure your pond with a fitting size of the number of your koi fish. After that, dig a hole in your yard based on the measurements you've done. Choose an area with a flat and good density of soil.

3. Place down and adjust your pool in the hole and make sure it's fitted. Next, you can spray or brush the pool with the protective waterproof paint. After it is dry, fill about 80% of the poll with fresh water.

4. Now, let's decorate your pond. Put and set the gravel on the bottom, then place the waterweeds of Java fern in the location you prefer. After all, it is about how you fit them with your taste.

5. As you may know, koi fish tend to leave waste in great quantity. But, you need to keep the water clean and less-polluted. So, add a filter and the pump system that will be strong enough to keep the pond clean.

6. Well, you can place the koi in their new home now. Enjoy them swimming around!  

Also, since clean environment is very important for the health of your fish, do not forget to regularly clean the pond and change the water.