How to Make the Fish Bait

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Chicken and turkey livers can be used to bait the fish. Find out other handmade fish bait and the ways how to make them.

One of the activities that you need to do before fishing is making the fish bait. The bait will lure and bait the fish so that you can easily catch your target fish. To bait the fish, you can make it by yourself by using the ingredients in your house.  Here is the way to make a bait to bait the fish.

  1. Using Biscuit and the Smelly Food

Create the baits by combining the biscuits and the smelly food. You can use any biscuits. If you don’t have the biscuits, you can buy them in any supermarkets or shops. You can break the biscuits into crumbles and mix them with the smelly food like the chicken liver.  Later, you can place the mix of the crumbles in the bowl. Mix the crumbles with the water and shape it into a small ball. Now, you are ready to bait the fish with the cheap homemade fish bait.

  1. Using the Leftovers

Use the leftovers of the food from your house, like the chicken, bread, cheese, or fish. You can mix with the smelly food to bait the fish. This type of the handmade food is suitable for any fish but the salmon and trout.

  1. Using the Cereal Flakes

Recycle the remain cereal flakes to be the fish baits.  If you have the cereal flakes in your house, you can make the flakes to bait the fish. You just need to break the flakes and mix it with the water. Make the flakes into little round shape so that the flakes can fit the hook.  You can change water to soda so that your fish will be interested in your homemade baits.

  1. Using the Chicken and Turkey Livers

Make the fish bait with the chicken and turkey livers. If you plan to bait the fish as many as you can during the fishing especially the catfish, chicken and turkey livers seem like the best option. 

  1. Using the Flour or Wheat

You can make the bait from the wheat or flour and make the dough by mixing the water, oil, and scent. Shape the dough into the small balls. Put the dough to bait the fish in the hook. Your target fish will catch the dough bait soon.

  1. Using the Canned Corns

Another choice for the homemade bait to bait the fish is by using the canned corn as the main ingredient. Put the canned corn on the hook and throw the line out the river or lake.  Be prepared to hit your fish target once the canned corn gets to the water.

Try to make all the homemade baits by yourself and figure out directly how fast you can bait the fish.


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