A. Causes: Lernaeae cyprinaceae and L. arcuata



B. Characteristics of pathogens:

- Lerniasis is a parasite known as anchor worm.

- stick to the body of the fish with an "anchor" that pierces and develops under the skin of the fish.

- The parasite body is equipped with two egg sacs which will be seen hanging outside the body of the fish.



C. Clinical Symptoms:

- Lerneasis looks like an arrow piercing the body of a fish, sometimes the body of the parasite is covered with moss so infected fish look like they carry a green flag.

- Injuries or bleeding occur at the location of the attachment. In the deep fish seeds puncture can reach the internal organs so that it can cause death.



D. Control:

- Conduct sedimentation and filtering of incoming water.

- Destruction of infected fish and drying of the bottom of the pond followed by calcification.

- Giving Temephos (Abate) at a dose of 1 mg / liter (aquarium) and 1.5 mg / liter (pond).