How to Maintain Koi Fish in the Aquarium



Meta: Koi fish are commonly kept in a pond, but they can also live in the aquarium. Read on to learn how to maintain koi fish in the aquarium.



Caring for koi fish is actually not that hard, but to get a good quality of koi fish is not that easy. A lot of hobbyists prefer to maintain koi fish in the aquarium as it will be easier and safer for the koi fish. Besides, they can easily know how koi fish’s move and grow when they are put in the aquarium. Here are some tips to maintain koi fish in the aquarium.



An Eligible Aquarium

The minimum size of the proper aquarium to keep koi fish is 1,5 meters (length), 1 meter (width), and 50 centimeters (depth). The larger, the better. Besides, consider the thickness of the glass tank in order to not easily broken. 



Setting up the koi Fish

In principle, koi fish need a spacious environment to grow well. Hence, it’s better to keep smaller koi in the aquarium, so you can observe their growth through your glass tank. 

In the beginning, koi fish might experience some discomfort and need some time to adapt to their new environment in the aquarium, particularly because the glass tank is transparent. To help ease them, you can close the tank until they get used to living in it.



Make sure the aquarium filter runs well which allows air and water flow as they should be. Keeping the cleanliness of the water is also essential. Change the water regularly each week using an instrument to absorb the dirty water.

Those are the things you should know to maintain koi fish in the aquarium. Hope your koi grow well!





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