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Oxygen for Fish Cultivation.


Oxygen is needed by fish for the body's metabolic processes, which produce energy for activities such as activities for swimming, growth, reproduction.

in aquaculture the concentration of the amount of oxygen needed by fish is between 4-7 ppm.

Fish growth rate is influenced by oxygen concentration in water, with the determination of other optimum conditions.

Fish that have labyrinths (additional breathing apparatus) such as catfish (Clarias Sp), Sepat (Trichogaster sp), Gabus (Channa striata), Tambakan (Helostoma temmincki), gurami (Osphronemus gouramy),  (Anabas testudineus) live in waters with low oxygen conditions <3 ppm. The fish mentioned above can live in conditions with low oxygen waters because these fish are equipped with additional breathing equipment (labyrinth) which can function in the process of taking oxygen directly into the air above the water surface.

The level of consumption of O2 in the waters is influenced by 2 factors: external factors and internal factors :

1. External factors:

    a. Partial pressure: Conformers and regulators,

        Conformer level of O2 consumption depends on the pressure state of O2,

        Regulator: O2 consumption level is relatively constant in the narrow range of oxygen partial pressure.

    b. Temperature: Increased temperature, increased metabolic rate, other factors (food, salinity, CO2)

2. Internal factors.

    Fish body size, type of fish, other factors (activity, gratification, fish health conditions).