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Shredded Fish, Good Way to Use Your Leftovers


Description: shredded fish is a versatile ingredient to use in various dishes. Here is how you can make it, even from leftovers.


Do you have cheap fish or uneaten fish leftovers at home? Turn them into shredded fish. This food is versatile and can be used in various dishes. Shredding the fish is also a good way to add flavor and nutrition in main dishes, without making them too “heavy.”


Tips to Use Shredded Fish

Shredded fish is mostly used as an additional ingredient in a larger meal, such as in taco, burrito, or porridge. This food can also be used as a spread. You can also mix it with salad or pasta. Some dishes even use shredded fish as the main ingredients, such as Asian fishcake or French-style pate.


You can use any fish as the main ingredient, but if you want to make shredded fish from leftovers, remember these tips:


  • Adapt with the fish type

Different fish may show different characteristics when they are not eaten immediately. Always check the flavor and condition of your leftover fish before turning it into shredded fish.


  • Avoid direct heat

Don’t use high and direct heat when reheating your leftovers. It will ruin the texture and spread bad smell in your kitchen. Avoid microwaving it. The best way is to cook the fish quickly with small or medium heat.


  • Trust your sense of smell

Seafood that goes bad is a nightmare for your stomach. Make sure you smell the fish before turning it into shredded fish. Remove it at the slightest hint of spoiling.


Now that you have good leftovers let’s try turning them into shredded fish recipes.


Simple Shredded Fish Recipes at Home

These recipes are perfect for fish leftovers that don’t have strong spices in their previous cooking. The best leftover to use is the one that came from your latest meal. The recipes are:


  • Salpicon

This is a shredded fish recipe from Nicaragua. Shred the leftover fish and mix it with chopped chili, cilantro, scallions, and a little lime juice. Use very little heat to cook it shortly. Eat it in tortilla bread.


  • Kedgeree

This is a traditional Indian rice recipe that is great with shredded fish. Shred the leftover fish into small flakes. Reheat leftover rice with a little salt, turmeric powder, mustard seeds, and several chopped herbs. Throw in the shredded fish and stir quickly before serving.


  • Fish spread

This spread is perfect for crackers or toasts. Shred the cold leftover fish and mix it with cottage cheese. Add some chopped fresh herbs and mix again to form a thick paste.


Use the fish as soon as you finish making it. Never keep leftover fish for several meals afterward. By adding shredded fish to various dishes, you will make them more flavorful and nutritious.


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