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Analysis for Shrimp Farming Business in Ponds



Description: shrimp farming business in ponds require substantial capital and preparations. Here is what you need to know for a starter.



Shrimps are growing in demands in North America and Europe, especially from local farms. Many people in the US, for example, have considered starting a shrimp farming business to fulfill local demands. Since imported shrimps often contain artificial chemicals, local shrimps are growing in popularity.


Shrimp farming can be started in indoor or outdoor ponds. Here are simple business calculations to start one in the US.



Standard Costs to Start Shrimp Farming Business


A small-scale shrimp farming business at home may start from USD80,000 to USD100,000. This cost is standard for a building that has eight to 12 ponds/tanks. However, if a farmer wants to start big, he or she needs to spend USD500,000 as initial costs for a 40-tank building.

Pond farming may be cheaper if the farmers dig their own ponds. It requires more efforts in the beginning, but natural ponds provide more harvests. There are also additional costs to buy the land and acquire permits from the Department of Agriculture.

On average, the cost of starting a shrimp business in a pond is around USD100,000 to USD150,000 per hectare.  Costs will vary depending on several factors, such as the location, access to infrastructures and supporting facilities, vegetation, and topography.



Soil Preparation to Start Shrimp Ponds

Before digging shrimp ponds, farmers need to test the soil, to see if it is ideal for shrimp farming. Farmers should contact agriculture officials to arrange for soil testing. Farmers may also need to dry the pond and remove all threats for the shrimps, such as crabs and weed. Add organic fertilizer after the pond is full of water to feed the shrimps.

Consider creating large budgets for feeding. Ideally, shrimps must eat 7 percent of their body weights if their wet weight is between 5 and 15 g. If the shrimps’ mean weight is 16 to 25 g, they only need to eat five percent of their body weights. Catfish feed can be the first ideal feeding source for shrimps.

Starting a shrimp farming business requires a substantial amount of money. However, if done properly, you can secure a USD9 profit per pound sold.