Some types of Java barb fish in Indonesia.


1. Common Java barb fish, which are Java barb fish that are most commonly encountered and cultivated by these grayish white fish, are often caught in public waters such as river lakes and reservoirs.


2. Java barb kumpay fish, this type of Java barb fish has a specific characteristic which has long pectoral fins and caudal fins. Java barb fish is scaly and gray, Java barb fish is very difficult to find and rarely cultivated.


3. Java barb fish silap. This type of Java barb fish has shiny scales with grayish-white color, this type has rarely been found, so it is worth mentioning rare Java barb fish.


4. Java barb Caucasians, Java barb fish with albino scales, not pigmented, non-pigmented white scales. Java barb Caucasians are rare fish.



photos of Java barb fish


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