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How to Successfully Spawn Dwarf Gourami Fish



Description: how to successfully spawn dwarf gourami fish? Use separate tank, add vegetations, introduce male and female properly, and be observant.


Breeding dwarf gourami can be a little tricky. Males and females mate regularly, but their aggressive nature can lead to cannibalism toward the fry. Keeping the fry in a separate tank is important if you want to spawn dwarf gourami fish successfully. You must also create an ideal condition for the fish to mate willingly.


Tank Requirements to Spawn Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf gourami males become aggressive when the opposite sexes are introduced. Therefore, you need to prepare at least one breeding tank. The requirements are:


Enough vegetations

Dwarf gourami needs vegetations to build a bubble nest. They use the greens as the “hard” structures, with bubbles as the “glue.” Add plants like Cabomba, Vesicularia dubyana, Riccia fluitans, and Limnophila aquatica into the tank.


Additional hiding places

Male gourami can act aggressively when meeting a female.  During the breeding period, female fish may need a hiding place if the male becomes too aggressive. Adding clay pots under the tank can give the female hiding spots.


Lower water level

The breeding tank must have low water level (about 2/3 part of the regular display tank). Shallow water makes it easy for the male fish to pick up the eggs if they fall from the bubble nest.


A breeding tank must have warm water temperature. The ideal numbers are 78 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit (25 to 27 degrees Celsius).


Steps to Breed Dwarf Gourami

Here is how you can spawn dwarf gourami in the breeding tank:


Start with female gourami

Place the female dwarf gourami first into the breeding tank. Give her protein-filled foods, such as live food and protein-enhanced pellets. Start culturing infusoria in jars on sunny spots to feed the fry later. Keep feeding the female for a week.


Introduce the male

After seven to 10 days, introduce one male dwarf gourami. The male will start courting by flashing his bright colors and raising his fins. He will also build nest bubbles. During this period, the female fish may hide several times in the clay pots when the male becomes too aggressive.


Remove the female

After the male and female finally mate, you will see small egg particles floating in the water. The male will carry the eggs to the nest bubbles and start taking care of them. Move the female back to the display tank.


Remove the male

The eggs will hatch after 24 hours. After three days, the fry starts to swim around. During this time, move the male to the display tank.

You must feed the fry with micro feeds during the first week. Afterwards, move to ground pellet and brine.

Understand gourami’s behaviors before you decide to breed the fish. Knowing how to spawn dwarf gourami fish will help you avoiding fry cannibalism.