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      3. Wild Betta Fish

Basically, all betta fish are wild betta fish. Only the cultivation process makes each type different. Wild Betta fish is a type of Betta fish that still lives freely in nature (has never been cultivated or crossed). because it has not been affected by human intervention, the style and shape of wild betta fish is still very natural.


Besides the types, Betta fish are also grouped into several types:


- Halfmoon (half a month), is a type of betta fish that has a wide and symmetrical fin and tail, similar to the shape of a half moon. Halfmoon was first raised by an American, Petter Goettner, in 1982.


- Crowntail, is a type of betta fish whose tail has a shape resembling a crown. In Indonesia, Betta fish is more famous for the name of the betta fish.


- Double tail, is a type of Betta fish that has a double tail (two tails)


- Giant or giant betta fish with a size of up to 12 cm, is the result of cross-breeding between ordinary betta fish and natural betta fish


- Plakat halfmoon, "Plakat" comes from the Thai language which means "fighting". As the name implies, this fish is a type of betta fish that is most often contested in betta fish fights.


Well, that is the type of betta fish that is famous and quite often bred in Indonesia. Which one is your favorite?






























Three Types of Betta Fish and Their Name

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Betta fish is a type of freshwater fish that has native habitat in the waters of several countries in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Fish with the Latin name Betta sp. this is often maintained because of its beautiful color. The betta fish are grouped into 3 types.


      1. Ornamental Betta Fish

Is a type of betta fish that is most often kept in an aquarium. These decorative Betta fish generally have attractive colors, such as red, blue, purple, and other color combinations.


      2. Fight Betta Fish

It is a special type of Betta fish which is often included in Betta Fish Competition. Compared to ornamental betta fish, fighting betta fish has a more sturdy stature - from the neck to the tail. In addition, the betta fish movement is also very aggressive. Betta fish will immediately develop fins and attack the enemy if they feel their position is not safe.