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Types of Diseases that Usually Attack Rasbora Fish!



Meta Description: Types of diseases that usually attack rasbora fish are multifarious, ranging from anchor worms to fungus infection.



Out of the real threats that the fish tank owners have to deal with is how their rasboras get affected by diseases. The sickness of the freshwater animals might appear due to some factors like improper water environment, crowded condition, wrong types of diets, irregular cleaning on the aquarium, and many others. A regular medical checking on the fishes is highly important.


To prevent bad possibilities, it’s time to get to know types of diseases that usually attack rasbora fish:



Anchor Worms


Anchor worms usually infect rasboras especially when the water condition is invaded by the parasite. As a matter of fact, anchor worms are a type of tiny crustaceans delving into the fish muscle by way of fish’s skin. They frequently breed in the muscle form laying eggs to becoming an adult. The clear symptoms include scratching problem, serious inflammation, and lump. For the treatment, the fish is usually given with antiseptic to remove the parasite.



Clamped Fin


When you find that your rasboras have no willingness to fan out their fin, the worst possibility is that they go through the clamped fin. Have a check on their behavior soon. The tropical water vertebrates are usually weaker and more lethargic. The cause can be either polluted water condition or invasive parasite. To treat the sick rasboras, you can apply a multipurpose antibiotic or inserting some salt in their habitation.



Fish Ick


Once your rasboras get stressed because of quick temperature and pH level drastically changing, they will easily be affected by fish ick. The physical signs if the fishes get fish ick to include random spots resembling white sand spread on the skin, skin irritation, and clamped fin. Speaking of behavior, the affected rasboras are in agony, gasping at the surface of the water. Antibiotics should be applied to get rid of the issue.





Fungus commonly attacks most out of tropical fishes including rasboras. The indications can be spotted. If their body is covered by whitish or grayish stuff, it means that the animals are infected by fungus. The one that’s untreated, the parasite looks like a cottony growth. At a certain case, the fungus even feeds on the fish body. Use fungicide and antibiotics to kill the life-threatening creature. The water change needs to be frequently performed too.


To sum things up, types of diseases that usually attack rasbora fish are found to be ample. Be it fungus or anchor worms, the diseases should be immediately solved.


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