Types of Food to Maintain the Cichlids

Meta description:  To maintain the health of your Cichlid fish, take note of the suitable cichlid food that’s good for them.


Cichlids are colorful fish and will make your aquarium look nicer. In their natural habitat in the wild, cichlids eating microorganisms. However, once you move them to an aquarium, you have to make sure that the environment and the food are similar to the place where they originally live.

Since this fish is very popular, there’s various cichlid food in the market.

Types of Food for Cichlid

Just like any other fish, cichlid food is either pellets or flakes. Smaller cichlid fish like flakes better, while larger ones love to eat both. Pellets sink to the bottom of the aquarium way quicker than flakes. Flake is a good choice if you like to feed your cichlid fish multiple times a day. Meanwhile, your fish can eat pellets only once in a day.

You can also give your cichlid fish some supplements to maintain their health. However, it might be better to stick to the fish food since the supplements may contain chemical compounds. You can also feed your cichlid with some vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cucumbers, and peas.  Those food are also good for your cichlid. All you have to do is to cut them into small pieces, or you can blend them and make them as pallets. That food can be supplements as well for your fish.

So, there it is. Those are good food choices to maintain your Cichlid. However, you also have to know the types of cichlids you keep so that you can choose a proper and suitable cichlid food. Keep in mind that natural food is always the best choice for your fish, since they come from their natural habitats.

Cichlid food is supposed to contain high nutrients, protein, digestible fats, and fiber to help cichlid maintaining their health. By knowing how much nutrients and proteins contained in the food, you surely maintain your fish well.

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