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Types of Serpae Tetra Fish Disease and How to Treat it

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The white spot is the serpae tetra fish disease that often worries the aquarists. Read more details about other diseases and how to treat it.  


Many aquarists love to keep the serpae tetra fish because of its beauty and easy-care. As the freshwater fish, the serpae tetra fish can suffer from the various disease. Here is the information of the serpae tetra fish disease you may often find.

  1. White spot (ich)

One of the serpae tetra fish diseases is the white spot disease or often called ich. Ich (ichthyophthirius multifiliis) is the ectoparasite that causes the white spot to the freshwater fish. The symptoms are marked by the appearance of white spots in the fins and gills. The way to treat this disease is you need to raise the tank temperature slowly to 29 degrees Celcius for about 2 days. You also need to add about 0.6 teaspoons salt per gallon. Later, you need to change the water after about 10 days and lower the temperature over several days. See the result in 21 days to find out that your fish completely get back to normal or not.

  1. Fin rot

Fin rot is the common serpae tetra fish disease that often happens. This disease is caused by the bacterial infections and sometimes the poor-quality water. The symptoms are the fins edges turn white and slowly rot away.  The treatment can begin by taking the infected fish out of the tank and cleaning the tank, all the accessories, and also the gravels. After cleaning them, you change the water with around pH 7-8 and ammonia, nitrates, and zero nitrites with not more than 40 ppm. After that, you can slowly put your fish back into the tank and add the antibiotics to get rid of the fin rot.

  1. Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite can become the serpae tetra fish disease that commonly occurs. The symptom of loss of appetite is started by the losing of the appetite of the fish even though you feed them with various fish diets. To treat this loss of appetite, you can start by marking whether your tank is too small for your pet or not. If it is too small, you need to find another bigger tank. If there is no problem with the tank, you need to change the 25% of daily water in the tank for a week. Put the filter in the tank so that it can handle the waste. In a week you can see whether your fish slowly regain their appetite or not.

  1. Skin flukes

Another serpae tetra fish disease is skin flukes. Skin flukes (gyrodactylus) are caused by certain parasites. The symptoms are the increasing of mucus and the clamped fins. To treat this serpae tetra fish disease, you have to do the double treatment. The first treatment is by having the complete medication. The second treatment is you need to feed the fish with the quality food. Change the water and ensure the right pH and ammonia levels. Then, you need to have the salt bath in 2-3 days consecutively.


The disease can be dangerous and cause the death if it is not treated well. Preventing is such an excellent way to avoid the serpae tetra fish disease.


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