molly fish farming




Molly fish is a type of ornamental fish with the Latin name Poecilia sphenops, Molly fish from Mexico, Florida, Virginia. This fish is omnivorous, the body size for this fish is quite large, the maximum length is around 12 cm.



Molly fish in their natural habitat live and develop at water temperatures of 25-28 degrees Celsius, pH 8, hardness of water around 14-20 degrees dH.



The difference between male and female parents:

- The female stomach is more fat than the male parent

- Male fish dorsal fins are wider and longer




Molly fish spawning is almost the same as Guppy spawning, the only difference is that the results of Molly fish seed production will be better if the water hardness is rather hard. because the addition of salt to about one tablespoon per three liters of water will help increase the production of Molly fish.




Sunlight will also help the success of spawning.

Molly fish will become the parent after five months of age. the size of Molly's fish is after the fish reaches a length of 2.5 - 3.0 cm (maintenance for 3-4 months)