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morphological characteristics of giant gourami fish.



Giant gourami fish has a body that is rather long, tall, and flat to the side. The maximum length of giant gourami fish can reach 65 cm. have a small mouth, tilted position, and can be raised to the surface of the water.

Giant Gourami has teeth in the lower jaw. Giant gourami tail base has a black round point. The tail fin is rounded. A pair of pelvic fins in Giant Gourami fish have been modified into a pair of long threads that function as a base for touch.



Giant Gourami fish has a lateral line / linea literalis single, complete and unbroken, and has large stenoid (not rounded) scales.



Generally, Giant Gourami's body is browned with black spots found at the base of the pectoral fin. The young Giant Gourami has a normal or flat forehead. the size of his forehead becomes thicker and looks prominent when the size of the Giant Gourami is mature. in the young gurami's body it is clear that there are 8-10 lines, upright or vertical, and then the line will disappear after the fish has matured.